Jag är farligt nära att utnämna ”Your Funny Uncle” till världens vackraste musikstycke.

Neil Tennant:
”The words are about one of my best friends who died of Aids. The same person who had the party in ‘Being Boring’. He died in 1989, and this is a description of his funeral. All the details are time: the cars in slow formation, and so on. He did have an uncle, who had been in the army all of his life and suddenly found himself at the funeral of his evidently gay nephew who’d died of Aids. I think it must have been quite a difficult situation for him, but he was really nice and dignified and spoke to all of his nephew’s friends. I had to give a reading, and the bit I read was from the book of Revelations, which started ‘I, John, saw a new Jerusalem’, and at the end it says there’s somewhere where there’s no pain or fear; and I found it a really moving piece of prose, and attached it to the end of the song.”


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